Thursday, May 10, 2007

'Yankee Go Home', Now In Arabic.

Why did this get so little attention in the MSM?

AlterNet: War on Iraq: Majority of Iraqi Lawmakers Now Reject Occupation

I guess because the same companies who own the majority of the TV stations, news papers and other outlets of information are also the companies making the Lion's Share of the money hemorrhaged from the coffers of both the Pentagon and the US Government proper. Why in the world would they want too many people figure it out and... Stop them? So y'see that it seems to be in their best self-interest to keep the majority of sheeple in the dark and fed horse shit... Y'know, like mushrooms. It isn't only RCA/GE/NBC/UNIVERSAL/etc. that's got a finger in every-fuckin-pie, from music to nuclear weapons.

This was never about the worldwide red herring of terrorism nor the Iraqi people. Arab, (Marsh or otherwise), Kurd or even visiting Martian. Oppressor or oppressed. Muslim, Christian, Jew or Zoroastrian never mattered. All that ever mattered, (And still matters, BTW), was/is how much money the top one, or less, percent of America's Fat Cats could vacuum out of the American Treasury in the eight years alloted to them by virtue of the two stolen elections they paid for as a down payment on their license to steal during the ensuing years.

Freedom, be damned. It gets in the way of you being a good slave.

Pursuit of Happiness? Only if you're one of them. If not... Mind your place. Or else...


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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

And you thought our sun was big?

The size of the Earth compared to other planets, then to the sun, then our sun compared to other stars. Unbelievable how big some of these stars are!And as an added bonus, they included the star of our homeworld currently orbits, Aldebaran.

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Whoops, I Went Off on a Tangent

(ETA: This whole post has beaucoup kinks in it as it seems that ScribeFire isn't exactly like posting directly to Blogger. There were many HTML errors created in the cross-posting that I've tried to correct but HTML-ese isn't my strongsuit. Not in any way, shape or form. But that's what practice is all about, I guess... Stay tuned for more.)

I was responding to a post at, "The Aristocrats", when my response developed a mind of it's own and before I knew it, I'd hit the publish button. I was more concerned with syntax and complete sentences that I completely over-shot the runway as regards the post I was responding to. Here's the first paragraph or so of the post and link:

Heckuva Job!

guys, listen up - here’s our plan. Alabar - you get the video camera
and tape the rest of us running around firing guns like a bunch of
freakin' maniacs and hollerin’ ‘Allah Akbar!’ The infidels always get
spooked when they hear that. Make sure you get all our faces. Then,
Muqtada - you carry the tape over to the video store and have ‘em dub
it to DVDs, so we all get a copy to have in our personal possession.
I’m pretty sure the video store is secure - I haven’t heard anything
about no memo Alberto Gonzales mighta wrote saying it was okay for the
Great Satan to snoop in on our private video collections. Next, now
this next part is really important, Alfonso – wait a minute, are you
sure you’re one of us? – good, whew! - had me worried there for a
second. We need for you and maybe a couple of other guys to drive on
down to Philly, stop some cop, and ask him for a map of Fort Dix. I
know it’s in New Jersey, but if we ask a cop in Newark he might get
suspicious. We can't afford to arouse no suspicions, Surprise is the
very heart and soul of our scheme. Okay! Sound like it’s all coming
together? I think so. Allah will be pleased. Allah be praised! Now,
whatcha say we all go down to play some paintball and get in practice?
Be sure to holler 'Allah Akbar!' after every shot. There's magic in
them words!”

And here's the response from me:

I guess this is yet another example of, "Wherever you go, you go again.", because I can remember hearing, in the 60's-about Viet Nam-the grown-ups, (I was only six or so by 1970), asking each other, "Would you rather fight them in Jersey?" To which one or another of my much older relatives or family friends would reply, "Maybe we could beat them in Jersey."

It seems that in the ensuing almost 40 years that nobody has changed that much. Only the names have changed. We used to call them,'Hard Hats' and now we call them,'Wingnuts.', but their argument is the same tired, ghost written, garbage. Those who didn't have the, "Honor to serve", are the first to reply and more than 99-percent in the affirmative to the President's latest proclamation.

I'm tired, so tired of the same bottom of the barrel scumbags who dodged the draft in the 60's, yet couldn't get laid without paying someone for the pleasure(honor?? or horror?? you decide) and spent the funnest years of their lives lurking in the basements of some of America's highest institutions of learning. Trying to overthrow the self same joyous spirit that didn't... Couldn't. Include them within it because they are and were SO vile. They have nothing to show for their life's work except sadism, emptiness, disease, murder and petulant, pointless, destruction.

I imagine they view themselves collectively as a second coming of Louis XIV and his boast of, "Apres-Moi... Le Deluge." That if they can't be the greatest members of their generation, then they'll be the worst. It fits their adolescent behavior to a,'T'.

See? Little nail, big hammer. And after a fashion, the wrong everything other than sentiment.


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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Oh! Don't Forget To Tip Your Waitress

Tristero, at Digby's posted something about Tenet, which I'm sure if anyone comes across this will have read, (like anyone reads this but me), but FWIW, so's I can find my response easier than sifting through the zillions of Heloscans there, here's my reaction:

It doesn't matter what we think or postulate is the current thinking of one member of the clique responsible for Iraq and the current state of America. It's only their public face, designed to sell their book. They're all the same. Tenet's book tour is only part of the permutations the individual high-ranking members of the cabal will, one at a time, undergo in the, "Wind-Down", phase of the operation, consider it an after-action debriefing, if you will. His important part of the job is done and now it's play-time.

He'll do the rounds of all the big-time MSM hot spots, King, MTP, etc. Where he acts out the part of the somber, reluctant mourner to what seemed like a good idea at the time, saying the same preplanned thing on every channel until we're sick of seeing him, similar to a bad stand-up comedian, bombing on stage, "My name's George', I'll be here all week...Don't forget to tip your waitress."

Then it's off to the Caymans, Limbaugh's Haitian Fantasy Hideaway, Thailand or wherever the real cash, hash and gash is hidden and off into the sunset he sails with the Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything...