Friday, June 29, 2007

Can Open... Worms Everywhere!

Something in me snapped while reading this post by Digby. My snit has nothing to do with her, other than I read about this petition thing there and got disgusted with the Democratic Party being such a bunch of good losers all the time. Then I had to vent my frustration in the comments section. I doubt anyone will even notice as I seem to have a habit of killing threads or posting on threads that have already run their courses so I doubt there will be any repercussions.

Anyway, here's what I responded:

Didn't sign. Won't sign. But I vote. Democrat. Across the board.

It galls me beyond belief and I'll be damned if I have to add my name to some on-line list, like some urban legend chain letter about some missing seven-year-old, to get my congresscritters to do what it is that they're supposed to do normally. (And why I voted for them in the first place.) I'm not gonna kiss their asses to hopefully motivate them to do their fuckin' jobs. That whole set of actions bespeaks of a very abusive and dysfunctional relationship, vis-a-vis we the electors our elected officials.

I wonder if, as a way of motivating the House and Senate, it's necessary to only pay the members of the congress piecemeal? (Only pay them when they do something successful, like pass a law and it actually gets to the President's desk.) We've tried most of the other, legitimate, ways to get a positive response out of these Democrats without result. Maybe this, although punitive, might work?

I know I'm being negative but I'm frustrated and disgusted and this petition thing makes me feel as if this lack of success in DC is <i><b>OUR</b></i> fault. Like we're not clapping hard enough. That idea upsets me greatly and I don't see much hope for change. How I see it is, I guess that after 40 abuse-ridden years of the Repiglicans having the top slots in the circus for a majority of years, anyone with a, (to use my poetic license), <i>"Killer Instinct"</i>, jumped ship and joined the R's many moons ago. Leaving behind only those who are content with their subordinate role. Imagine that... A whole political party full of subbies... Whodathunkit?


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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Housekeeping Traffic

Since I'm not one of the cognoscenti who has a Picasa, Flikr or other freebie photo hosting account, I had to take Blogger's suggestion about how to post a pic for this blog. (Which it seems didn't work but instead loaded the B-52 picture that I've used forever as an avatar into the title/header, I didn't know you could do that, it's a new feature for Blogger.) And while I'm at it I'll also include a photo I borrowed from BAG, of the ever-lovely Digby, and link the video from Google, via Firedoglake, to this page as well of the now famous, "Digby Spiel", from the Take Back America-thing.

I feel bad that this is the post that follows Steve Gilliard's obit but, "Feel bad" is a double entendre in itself. I've been dealing with a massive toothache and/or abscess, intermittently for over a month now and has really affected my desire to write. But... I am am getting up the nerve, and a clean pair of pliers, to pull the molar that's been giving me all the trouble but it ain't easy. (I feel like I'm whining making mention that this will be done without any anesthetic, either.) One of the things that's been a nagging voice of caution in the back of my mind about this is that I probably won't be able to suture the open wound myself and if I could afford the $300.00 for the ER-Visit, to sew the hole shut about with .98-cents worth of Vicryl, I could afford the same money to go to an actual Dentist, n'est-pas? As if there was an Oral Surgeon around here that was accepting new patients, I might add. America, medical care on Earth... Right.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Steve Gilliard, R.I.P.

Left Blogsylvania lost one of it brightest luminaries today. At the age of 41, Steve Gilliard passed away this morning, Saturday June 2-nd, as has been reported on a myriad of blogs. From his own blog,'' to Firedoglake's Jane Hamsher to Digby to D r i f t g l a s s, to Shakesville, Mr. Gilliard was eulogized as a,'Blogger's Blogger' who's ability to comment with great insight was legendary, going back to his early days at Kos.

I'm sorry that I didn't get to read more of his work as within a week or so of finding his blog he fell sick, was hospitalized and was not able to continue to blog as he had before life threw him such a spitball, that it led to his demise. I did not see it mentioned anywhere what will become of his blog now that he's gone but I doubt it will continue without him.