Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ballad of the Yellow Berets

Drifty does it again! More talent in his little finger than the whole Wurlitzer has in it's collective!

d r i f t g l a s s: For the College Republicans

(Sung to the tune of, "The Ballad of the Green Berets.")

“Ballad of The We’re Not Gay!”

Bleating wingnuts of the Right
Dastards hiding from the fight
Cellar trolls with much to say
That screech as one: “ No, we’re not gay!”

“Cheney/Bush” on their lapels
Karl Rove’s own splinter cells.
Bought a War: let others pay.
Snivelers all, but soooo not-gay.

Trained to live off Daddy’s cash
When lies don’t work, then talk some trash.
In fear they might just be “that way”
They scream real loud: “But I’m not gay!”

“Cheney/Bush” on their lapels
Karl Rove’s own splinter cells.
Who buy their Wars on lay-away.
Poltroons all, but soooo not-gay.

Back at the dorm, a girlfriend waits
A wingnut too, and six weeks late.
Daddy’s doctor snakes her tubes
‘Cause “Right to Life” is for the rubes.

Take someone else, but don’t take me.
A real man, I’ll never be.
Just like the spawn I’ll whelp one day,
Who just like me, will not be gay.

Every so often that quote from the song,Memo From Turner, bubbles up from the depths of my memory, regarding such situations:

"When the old men do the fighting,
And the young men just look on."

A simple play on words and opposite to the way things were in 1970, when the song was written but I almost always felt that this day would come. When the generation after me, I'm 43, would yield so many high-fliers, foul balls, sissies, mushrooms and basement-dwelling, Cheeto's-binging, sniveling rat-fuckers to render them ineffectual. But maybe I'm too pessimistic?

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Friday, July 20, 2007

RINO!! DINO!! And Now... WINO!!1!

After reading on a few different blogs the term, "WINOS", I took a circuitous route to finding out what it meant. I knew about, "R/DINO", R/Dem In Name Only, bla-bla-bla. So as I searched, my mind mused a bit about what the acronym could mean, to then compare my solution to the actual answer. So now I know what it means and as these sort of acronyms go this one's actual meaning leaves something to be desired but what can you expect as it's origins are in the MSM and the GOP... Y'cannot expect silk purses from sow's ears, Jim!. (Sorry my inner Mr. Scott boiled over for a wee minu... Oot!)

Anyhow, I like my definition for, "WINOS", better than the one now in lingua franca. I think:

Spines a more fitting acronym regarding the current congresscritters that don't have a clue and couldn't buy one even if ya pointed them in the right direction and kicked them in the ass, to send them down the road.

What's wrong with these hot-house flower shitbird politicians? Was I out that day, in the tenth grade, when some of the lesser-known sections of The Federalist Papers were discussed? Is there, buried in some footnote somewhere, a double-secret codicil that demands an inverse ratio of electability to intellect?? If there is, and I've overlooked it, I wouldn't be surprised.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Look What You Made Me Do! (Monday Action)

Digby writes:

Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Action

by digby

I've been linking for the last couple of weeks to CAF's campaign to force the Dems to expose the obstructionists, and I hope that many of you have signed up. Chris Bowers has compiled some examples of the legislation the Democrats have allowed the Republicans to block with their "intent to filibuster" obstructions. It's time to make them stand up and do a real filibuster if they are going to block legislation like this:

Chris Bowers has compiled some examples of the legislation the Democrats have allowed the Republicans to block with their "intent to filibuster" obstructions. It's time to make them stand up and do a real filibuster if they are going to block legislation like this...

To which I responded:


Please take a step back and look at this situation again. From where I'm standing it seems as if the D's are using the ancient, "Look what you made me do"-Defense to respond to charges that they can't get their shit together on the floor. If that's the truth, then it's not your fault nor is it your duty to be an apologist for the Congresscritters.

One of the few truisms I gleaned from those who raised me was, 'Never make excuses for people.' If what someone is doing is wrong... it's wrong. Battered housewives use that cliche of "It's only 'bla-bla-bla' that makes them mad. Not me.", to explain away that shiner under the left eye. Don't become part of it and don't get lost in it. If the D's wanted to make things happen with more success than they're currently experiencing, they're quite capable of making it happen, whatever the situation is.

A better question might be why are they acting as if they never thought they'd get this far and aren't trained on how to complete the mission and actually run the country. Who put a bunch of inept people into these powerful positions? And why them? Someone must know something that we don't. Is there something in the wings that hasn't yet made itself known, yet? Because it seems to me that the D's have hit the beach but now are killing time, treading water or wading in the shallows and have no impetus to pick a direction in-land and go. Why doesn't it seem to matter to the Democrats that their campaign has stalled?

There must be some insider who knows what, for ill or nil, these D's are really up to. And there's enough motivated, smart, people here who read this blog, Digby, M'arm, to get that job done. It's time to find out what the insiders know and when they knew it, before we waste by donating another red cent to the individual politicians or the party itself. Times are tough and money is like blood in some quarters. Why waste it on those who whine like children? The Dem's are not telling us... We, their supporters and their electorate, the full story about what's going on. It's time we found out why...


(P.S. Please don't think this is some kind of indictment of you Digby, or this terrific blog. Nothing could be further from the case. Some times it helps if an outsider tells you that this IS the forest... Y'know the thing with all them trees, in front of ya. A diffident perspective and nothing more.)

As written above, I don't want to come across as either patronizing or dismissive of that wonderful combination of terrific things that IS Digby. She's the Cat's Pajamas and would never think of,'talking down to her', for all the Whiskey in Ireland. I do think that she needs to take a step back and look at the situation viv-a-vis the treatment of the Dem's onb the floor by the R's. Unless the R's have the families of the Dem's hostage, what can be the real reason that these D's can't get anything of gravitas accomplished?

Oh, and I quipped something almost a non-sequitr earlier that doesn't really rate it's own post... Here goes:

"M-I-C That's Military Industrial Complex..."
"K-E-Y Y...? Because it pays SO good..."
"M-A-U-S Because we'll all end up in Privatized Concentration Camps for doubting Dear Leader."


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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cloverfield 1-18-08

Interesting coming attractions y-tube from Paramount. It takes place in NYC, it seems, and it brought up a few unpleasant memories, when things go horribly wrong in the promo trailer. Here it is, see for yourself:

Pretty unnerving for those who saw the towers come down, eh?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh Sweet Jesus I Hate Joe Lieberman

From Digby:

You've got to love the very pious and orthodox Lieberman adopting the "stab in the back" in whole cloth. There's a horrible, horrible irony there.

To which, I responded:

I thought it was,"Tail Fluffer Joe.

And his job description was, "Human Dung Beetle."

I'm amazed, that the voters in CT are that dumb as to put that creepy
little man back in the Senate. They must've either all have the last
name,'Diebold', or they both never saw a picture of him nor EVER heard him talk. He sounds like Kermit the fuckin' Frog!

However... Maybe it's US, who congregate at Digby's, that are out of
step with things? Maybe, 'America' really IS a nation of in-bred,
trailer-trash, baby-jeebus-lurving, fucktards and we're living in
denial? I have to make mention of the possibility because high
intellect is not the natural order of things. Brilliance is an unusual
condition when weighed against the whole of the Human experience. There
are no guarantees of intelligent offspring from intelligent parents.

I reposted it to my blog because theres been a few instances lately where a subsequent comment has diverted the thread in a direction away from the main area of discussion. I wanted to be able to find this easily for further analysis.

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Olbermann And Crossing The Rubicon

I've never tried to embed video before but this special comment by Mr. Olbermann warrantedme trying it. The gloves are off and there's no room for speculation any longer, Keith calls for the bilateral impeachment of both Bush and Cheney. Yesterday. If not sooner.

He also mentions Nixon and that even Mr. Nixon wasn't so aloof to the problems he and his administration caused this country, recognized that there wasn't anything left to do about it and did the right thing by resigning in 1974. Personally, I think that the current regime won't leave the White House one second before their appointed hour in January of 2009. The Bush junta came to pillage this country, and by extention the rest of the world and dad gum it! They are going to use up their full eight years. They bought them fair and square, damnit, they'll use them to the last drop.