Monday, August 6, 2007

PDB 08/06/01, A Fateful Day

Six years... Six l-o-n-g years.

This picture, above, is purported to be from 06 Aug 2001, of the Preznit getting his morning briefing. The famous warning of, "OBL determined to strike in America", that Condi later, covering for her Husband, said, "How could ANYONE expect something the magnitude of 9/11 to have been on it's way???" Or words to that effect. It all happened on that halcyon day, back then, six years ago today.

I wrote that the picture is touted to be from that fateful day we're remembering today but I have a funny feeling this pic is bent. Now I believe the people responsible for making this pic available for everyone to use in this blogswarm, that the photo is the real thing from Crawford etc. And I believe IN them too, they're wonderful people who want America to be America, again. Not america inc. Anyway... Looking at this picture with a heightened level of scrutiny due to mistrust in the administration, I have a feeling that there are a few touch-ups or airbrushed out things in it. Such as the longneck in Preznit Drinky's left hand. Also, I think the White House Photo Dept, air-brushed in, on the back of his head, (because he isn't wearing it while on vacation), his usual shoddy hairpiece or toupee or whatever they call them these days. I'm sure there's quite a few more if I found a version of the photo that wasn't keyholed but, shit, those two examples are enough to make me hate myself for not noticing until very, very, much later that this bunch were on an eight year Kamikaze mission to satisfy no-one but themselves, and take America down with them when they leave...

For Paraguay or Dubai or some other place they can't be extradited from. With all the money they stole.

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