Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Wonder If They'd STILL Agree If It Said Bush Was Nuts, Instead?

I’d hate to think that OBL did all this because Friday was my birthday. And I didn’t get him anything. Oh well. Then again what do you get a boogieman for his birthday, anyway? ‘Let’s Pretend’ games? Invisible tie? A tape of his own funeral? I dunno.

These dimbulbs at Powderline really are the dumbest fucknobs on planet earth, aren’t they? There was no fucking tape from anybody except the Bushco Labs Propaganda Division. (I’m sure you’ve seen their motto: "We Bring Good Things To Lies” ) OBL is either dead or being hidden under VERY deep cover in a place where no-one would ever think to look for him and yet when he supposedly surfaces TPTB immediately spray his mug all over every news show and broadcast on six continents, and the wingnuts believe it’s all true and eat it up like it was chocolate covered pretzels instead of the obvious propaganda it is.

I’m surprised. Has no-one in the fright-wing of the blogosphere have the ability to reflect on this and ask themselves, “Why is it, exactly, that OBL’s tape thing agrees with almost every aspect of my world view? About the war? Democrats? Pres. Bush? America’s way forward? And yet HE’s the enemy?”

I guess that they’re all too fucking stupid to see when they’re being led around by the nose, much less why their every taliking point is endorsed and repeated by Osama Bin Laden. Killer of innocents. Enemy of America and Life, itself…

I can’t even feel sorry for them.


Originally posted at Sadly, No! 7 Sept 2007

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Mr. Natural said...

Stoopid? I'd say THAT is pretty evident, considering who they selected as their leader...