Monday, March 24, 2008

Blog Against Theocracy-2008

Ostara, 2008-CE:

We come around again, to that time of year, where we must remind ourselves that unless we're strong on the defensive and fleet of foot to stamp out spot-fires as they erupt, the, "Villagers with the torches", will not only come for us, (those NOT of the Body), but they'll have John Law, wearing his Sunday Best, in the passenger seat of the Model A, a picnic basket in his lap for after the festivities, too. If I live to be 400 I hope I never see someone afraid that,'They', (the people who thought Easy Rider had a happy ending), will come for someone on account of religious grounds, without hoping I'd be strong enough to stand at their side when the door crashes in and give one last swing of my pick-head ax. Wasn't, "Freedom from Fear", one of those 'Four Freedoms', World War Two, America as a nation and americanism as a philosophy was supposedly about? What ever happened to that?

I'm a Pagan and am de facto on the Monotheistic enemies-list because of it. No, "People of the Book"- Dhimmitude for me and mine. None of that, "Judeo-Christian Tradition", crap thrown around as when the X-ians want something from Jews, or Jews want something from X-ians, (think Dennis Prager). Nope. None of that stuff for we Pagans. So you could say that equal protection under the law, (especially when you're unimaginably outnumbered, worse than Custer and Henry V combined), is a good thing. Something worth protecting. Something worth hanging on to.

There are oh-so-many scary, crazy, phony religious-types on this planet, (and their multitude of 'true believers', right behind them), out to steer you wrong and make you live your life their way, that it's important to have a place where those nuts can't do it to anyone. Not only prohibited by law but proscribed by custom as well. Like child labor and child sacrifice before it, socio-political repression as it's manifesting currently in America with these, 'Jesus Freaks', subverting the liberal and accepting tenor of this country and her constitution, has to be stopped. They, these religious extremists, are an Avant-Garde, the shock-troops, for people who wish to turn back the calendar almost 1,500 years. Remember they didn't get called, "The Dark Ages", because there was something wrong with the Sun.


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