Friday, March 28, 2008

Diplomats Told to Take Cover in Baghdad;_ylt=AqD9N14vkj4ncVXz8DGYImys0NUE

I'm pretty certain that I'll have to edit out the link above if it wrecks the rest of this post's settings. In the event I do, here's the link to Tengrain's take on it. It's where I picked it up: Mock, Paper, Scissors

But, that being said, what I'm trying to get out is that this is way worse than the above article leads the reader to believe. (It's not Iran. I'm damned sure the Iranians aren't self destructive enough to give the current administration anything to blame them for. These rockets probably came from a 106-mm Recoilless rifle, not a 107-mikemike Chi-Com. A piece of Korean War Era weaponry.) It seems the Green Zone, that S/W Asian version of Mexico City's Zona Rosa... Wait, what!?!?! It's NOT?!?!?! Oh! Pardon my mistake. Anyway, the Green Zone is surrounded and rounds are falling inside the wire, and have been since Easter Sunday. (however, the Mission waits until Thursday to release an advisory to all personnel about it). Sunday Bloody Sunday. It's comforting to know the insurgents have a sense of humor almost as good as the VC did. Yet one more comparison this horrible waste of everything has in common with America's Trojan War.

Oh, now I remember what it was that 's the comparative to the Green Zone, it's not Zona Rosa. Silly me. No. It's... Khe Sahn.


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