Saturday, June 23, 2007

Housekeeping Traffic

Since I'm not one of the cognoscenti who has a Picasa, Flikr or other freebie photo hosting account, I had to take Blogger's suggestion about how to post a pic for this blog. (Which it seems didn't work but instead loaded the B-52 picture that I've used forever as an avatar into the title/header, I didn't know you could do that, it's a new feature for Blogger.) And while I'm at it I'll also include a photo I borrowed from BAG, of the ever-lovely Digby, and link the video from Google, via Firedoglake, to this page as well of the now famous, "Digby Spiel", from the Take Back America-thing.

I feel bad that this is the post that follows Steve Gilliard's obit but, "Feel bad" is a double entendre in itself. I've been dealing with a massive toothache and/or abscess, intermittently for over a month now and has really affected my desire to write. But... I am am getting up the nerve, and a clean pair of pliers, to pull the molar that's been giving me all the trouble but it ain't easy. (I feel like I'm whining making mention that this will be done without any anesthetic, either.) One of the things that's been a nagging voice of caution in the back of my mind about this is that I probably won't be able to suture the open wound myself and if I could afford the $300.00 for the ER-Visit, to sew the hole shut about with .98-cents worth of Vicryl, I could afford the same money to go to an actual Dentist, n'est-pas? As if there was an Oral Surgeon around here that was accepting new patients, I might add. America, medical care on Earth... Right.

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