Friday, June 29, 2007

Can Open... Worms Everywhere!

Something in me snapped while reading this post by Digby. My snit has nothing to do with her, other than I read about this petition thing there and got disgusted with the Democratic Party being such a bunch of good losers all the time. Then I had to vent my frustration in the comments section. I doubt anyone will even notice as I seem to have a habit of killing threads or posting on threads that have already run their courses so I doubt there will be any repercussions.

Anyway, here's what I responded:

Didn't sign. Won't sign. But I vote. Democrat. Across the board.

It galls me beyond belief and I'll be damned if I have to add my name to some on-line list, like some urban legend chain letter about some missing seven-year-old, to get my congresscritters to do what it is that they're supposed to do normally. (And why I voted for them in the first place.) I'm not gonna kiss their asses to hopefully motivate them to do their fuckin' jobs. That whole set of actions bespeaks of a very abusive and dysfunctional relationship, vis-a-vis we the electors our elected officials.

I wonder if, as a way of motivating the House and Senate, it's necessary to only pay the members of the congress piecemeal? (Only pay them when they do something successful, like pass a law and it actually gets to the President's desk.) We've tried most of the other, legitimate, ways to get a positive response out of these Democrats without result. Maybe this, although punitive, might work?

I know I'm being negative but I'm frustrated and disgusted and this petition thing makes me feel as if this lack of success in DC is <i><b>OUR</b></i> fault. Like we're not clapping hard enough. That idea upsets me greatly and I don't see much hope for change. How I see it is, I guess that after 40 abuse-ridden years of the Repiglicans having the top slots in the circus for a majority of years, anyone with a, (to use my poetic license), <i>"Killer Instinct"</i>, jumped ship and joined the R's many moons ago. Leaving behind only those who are content with their subordinate role. Imagine that... A whole political party full of subbies... Whodathunkit?


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