Thursday, July 5, 2007

Olbermann And Crossing The Rubicon

I've never tried to embed video before but this special comment by Mr. Olbermann warrantedme trying it. The gloves are off and there's no room for speculation any longer, Keith calls for the bilateral impeachment of both Bush and Cheney. Yesterday. If not sooner.

He also mentions Nixon and that even Mr. Nixon wasn't so aloof to the problems he and his administration caused this country, recognized that there wasn't anything left to do about it and did the right thing by resigning in 1974. Personally, I think that the current regime won't leave the White House one second before their appointed hour in January of 2009. The Bush junta came to pillage this country, and by extention the rest of the world and dad gum it! They are going to use up their full eight years. They bought them fair and square, damnit, they'll use them to the last drop.


Freedem said...

I only hope that they are actually gone come Jan 2009

Candymarl said...

Ditto Freedem, that's also my greatest fear.