Friday, July 20, 2007

RINO!! DINO!! And Now... WINO!!1!

After reading on a few different blogs the term, "WINOS", I took a circuitous route to finding out what it meant. I knew about, "R/DINO", R/Dem In Name Only, bla-bla-bla. So as I searched, my mind mused a bit about what the acronym could mean, to then compare my solution to the actual answer. So now I know what it means and as these sort of acronyms go this one's actual meaning leaves something to be desired but what can you expect as it's origins are in the MSM and the GOP... Y'cannot expect silk purses from sow's ears, Jim!. (Sorry my inner Mr. Scott boiled over for a wee minu... Oot!)

Anyhow, I like my definition for, "WINOS", better than the one now in lingua franca. I think:

Spines a more fitting acronym regarding the current congresscritters that don't have a clue and couldn't buy one even if ya pointed them in the right direction and kicked them in the ass, to send them down the road.

What's wrong with these hot-house flower shitbird politicians? Was I out that day, in the tenth grade, when some of the lesser-known sections of The Federalist Papers were discussed? Is there, buried in some footnote somewhere, a double-secret codicil that demands an inverse ratio of electability to intellect?? If there is, and I've overlooked it, I wouldn't be surprised.

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