Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh Sweet Jesus I Hate Joe Lieberman

From Digby:

You've got to love the very pious and orthodox Lieberman adopting the "stab in the back" in whole cloth. There's a horrible, horrible irony there.

To which, I responded:

I thought it was,"Tail Fluffer Joe.

And his job description was, "Human Dung Beetle."

I'm amazed, that the voters in CT are that dumb as to put that creepy
little man back in the Senate. They must've either all have the last
name,'Diebold', or they both never saw a picture of him nor EVER heard him talk. He sounds like Kermit the fuckin' Frog!

However... Maybe it's US, who congregate at Digby's, that are out of
step with things? Maybe, 'America' really IS a nation of in-bred,
trailer-trash, baby-jeebus-lurving, fucktards and we're living in
denial? I have to make mention of the possibility because high
intellect is not the natural order of things. Brilliance is an unusual
condition when weighed against the whole of the Human experience. There
are no guarantees of intelligent offspring from intelligent parents.

I reposted it to my blog because theres been a few instances lately where a subsequent comment has diverted the thread in a direction away from the main area of discussion. I wanted to be able to find this easily for further analysis.

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