Sunday, April 8, 2007

Blog Against Theocracy

This weekend there's been a concerted effort to remind people what it is exactly that's the end-product of all these, 'Fundies', working in the Bush maladministration. It's called, "Theocracy", or a "X-tian Republic", by those prone to deception about their goals. They seek to either subvert or, if necessary, defenestrate the established order and laws of the United States and replace them with, their much different, (and much worse for those who don't toe the Party Line), America.

I don't see it like the ,"Birchers", did in the 50's and '60's with the commies in Jersey and Brooklyn in flames but there needs be a shoring up of the Constitutional protections afforded those of us who are not under the auspices of that Great Cross in the Sky. There's no, " In Hoc Signo Vinces", for we Asatruar but then again we aren't pacifists, either. I think this small minority has to be put in their place, (at the fringes of society), like all other splinter groups that offshoot from the mainstream and more established common avenues of the american body politic, before the very real chance of them reaching critical mass and becoming more of a threat to normal people both here and abroad than they already are. I also think it's a mistake to absolve regular, everyday, christians from blame for the excesses of their co-religionists. 'Madman In The Marketplace', over at, "Liberal Street Fighter", has some interesting points that would be redundant for me to do anything but cut and paste a sample of what he (?) wrote:

I think that religious “moderation” is basically an elaborate exercise in self-deception
- Sam Harris

A little Blogging Against Theocracy today on this day when the Xtian’s mythical Holy Sacrifice moldered in His tomb before He pushed back a rock to rise and shine. Being a good liberal, I’m supposed to be tolerant, which I try to do. Unfortunately, given the way many Americans demand that you “tolerate” them by letting them spew their nonsense in your face while you desperately hold onto a fixed smile, most of my “toleration” consists of walking away. Cowardly, yes, but giving it back to a fundie will often result in being surrounded, caught in a crossfire, as “moderate” Xtians leap to the nutjob’s defense when I can’t take his superstitious babbling anymore.

To be frank, the so-called “moderate” or “mainline” religionists drive me almost as nuts as the fundies do. They are descendents of the same “good people” who have enabled theocrats and religious bullies throughout history. They made those evils possible, more concerned with maintaining their comfortable lives, their cozy little social networks, than with real justice for ALL of their fellows.

They are apologists, protectors and shields for the intolerant people more devout than themselves, and history has shown time and again that they too feel the wrath of the extremist believers once the targeted “heathen” and “others” are dealt with. It is a pattern repeated over and over throughout history."

For me to have written something like that would not only have been repetitious but no way near as well worded. The full post is available via the link above for Liberal Street Fighter. It's long but worth a read, as is the blog, "Blog Against Theocracy".

And last but not least... Happy Ostara!

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Joyful Alternative said...

Hey, we liberal Christians have been fighting these heretic warmongers a lot longer and harder than you guys have. Read up on the IRD, in which the usual suspect right-wing billionaires are funding attempts to destroy mainline denominations. Or find some news clips of how the United Church of Christ tried to buy ad time for their "we welcome everybody" commercials, and the networks wouldn't sell them the time for fear they'd be promoting gay marriage.