Saturday, April 21, 2007

Digby's Got Me Like Butter... I'm On A Roll... 707!!11!

Usually, I don't get moved to respond to more than one or two posts across the blogosphere in any given 24-hour cycle. I read tons but usually, my replies are of the, "You said it first before I could get to it"-type. Not today though and usually also, if I do respond to more than one post, it's spread out across some two dozen blogs. However, tonight it's been Digby all the way.

This one is from a different post than the above responses posted here. This is from :

A thread about who might replace Abu Gonzo as Attorney General. Ted Olson, he (NOT) of the 'Arkansas Project', but... OOPS! He really ,WAS in retrospect after testifying before Congress in 2001 that he WASN'T during the verbal part of his confirmation hearing to be Solicitor General, then changed his position, later in the written phase of questioning, to say that he , actually.... Whodathunkit? was member of that august body of skells. He's also 9/11 widower, the hubby of the late Barbara Olson, who's death sent not only hubby back to the private sector, but has been stated as the reason why Ann Coulter, (Isn't demographics a wonderful science? Birds of a feather, it seems, DO flock together!), is the way she is. She,(Coulter), blames Islam in general and all of it's adherants in particular, as responsible for her friend Barbara's death, in that big hijacked aircraft that made that little hole in the Pentagon.

I doubt that there's going to be any shake-up at DOJ but if there is? I could see Olson being tapped but I think there are a few others that might be a better fit with today's clique in the White House. My response to Digby, below, has a few more suggestions regarding who could replace Abu Gonzo as Top Cop.

"I'm surprised that nobody's mentioned Giuliani as the next Atty Gen. It might be a nice pay-off for, along with Saint John McNutso, being a stalking horse for the RNC and whoever the real candidate for the R's is going to be. Catching all that flak ,exploring weakness in the primary states like NH, SC and Iowa. Really lots of fun since Rudy doesn't have a real job right now but all that constant on the road is going to get tiring. After all he's not made of iron, is he? "It might be nice", Rudy must think to himself, to again get one of those Wingnut Welfare no-show gubbmint jobs, enjoying the succor of the public tit while all the time decrying Big Government, yet all the while nursing down a high six-figure-plus salary and full bennies without paying a dime into any co-pays. He's about due for another slurp at Uncle Sugar's big pink nipple.

Or maybe Harriet will be recalled to Washington to care for her little Georgie-poo in his time of need? She might even knit him a nice, new sweater while she's there in the office, taking up space, as I doubt there's gonna be a lot of lawyerin' going on at Justice until some time in late January of 2009.

No matter who or really-what-gets to be next, I don't think that an arduous confirmation in front of the Judiciary Committee will be a deterrent to the next AG-Candidate, as has been mentioned upstream, this one'll be a recess appointment, too."

What happens next remains to be seen...

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