Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship

I posted this, below, as a response to a thread at The Carpetbagger Report.

I think the recent spate of people, inside the fishbowl, talking out to the press at how dismayed they are at how things are turning out is a little too coincidental for my tastes. I don't believe in coincidence to begin with and I know that anything said by any member, no matter how peripheral they are, of this government is lying and spinning. And is doing so not only to save their own ass but for the expressed purpose of salvaging the Repiglican party's chances of winning the 2008 race. Nothing is what it seems with this bunch.

Although on the surface it looks like all these defections out of the Bush/Cheney camp are rats leaving a sinking ship, another way of looking at it could be an attempt to rehab the RNC. If it looks like the middle level functionaries are denouncing the current regime as if to say, "Y'see... These guys aren't REAL Republicans. They aren't or weren't _______- enough", as a way of deflecting the blame of today's failures onto the Bushies and away from the RNC proper. So when the election season is in full swing, they can run a candidate that is billed as the antithesis of Bush yet not a Democrat. Then still claim to support the wingnuts and christopaths in whatever lunacy will get them to vote for the 'pubs.

Talk about being between the Devil and the deep blue sea. The two things that would actually hurt the Democratic party's chances in 2008 are the two things that would help America in the short-term, those being: Impeaching Bush and Cheney and pulling all of our troops out of Iraq, ASAP. Doing those two things would give the R's breathing room to recoup, rearm and devise a new strategy of making Bush the bad guy and rolling out a new, untainted by the double whammy of 'everything-gate', starring Karl Rove and the war, giving them a year or so to actually show how unlike Bush they are and not have to defend any of the Bush admin's plethora of inadequacies nor blunders.

I know.. It sucks either way.

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