Friday, April 20, 2007

Something Else I Missed Yesterday

"GIRLS RECITING remain sexually pure...until the day I give myself as a wedding gift to my husband. ..

This whole thing makes my head hurt too, Digby. But the quote above is to me one of the worst of the major selling points of the whole Anti-Woman movement. (Yet I agree, too, in and of themselves that these Purity {cough,cough} Balls stink of incest porn all the way to the rafters.)Trying to treat women as if they were property is a horrible way to raise a Daughter. It not only will change the body politic's view of Women but it might change how Women view themselves and their bodies. If, after years of propaganda that a woman is taught that she's only a commodity, with specific use and a limited shelf life to boot, there's a point where she might begin to believe what the hammers of adversity are trying to force her to become... A breeder and nothing else or more. Make sure she keeps cranking out the cannon fodder.

These modern day repiglicans aren't the, "Daddy Party". They're the, "Deus Ex Machina Party." They think with their faith, hope and chastity that the big guy in the sky will stop looking at them as the abject failures that they are and return. Return and descend to reward His tired supplicants. They deserve nothing but the noose and the lash.

Oh how I'm starting to hate this country and those Royal Fucknobs that've been ruining it, (A/K/A The Repiglicans), for the last 50 or so years.

Now where's my medicine? My headache's back...

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