Sunday, April 29, 2007

<--- That Purple Thing There

It's not the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

As an aside, I know that over time this post won't be pointing at the thing any more so above is the pic the title is pointing at. It's from NTodd's blog called, "Dohiyi Mir", from a post called, "Take The Pledge By Not Taking The Pledge. A Meta Exercise In Three Bowel Movements". It's pretty easy to see that he isn't in favor of that 'Civility Plague Pledge', crap. I'm not a big fan either and expressed suspicion as to the actual motive of the guy behind this pussy promise. I think it was at Digby's that I posted something about it but... I'm unable to remember, at the current time, if and or when I actually did or not have a conversation about this with the Presid... I've been watching too much Abu Gonzo C-Span, haven't I? Anyway...

I figured that I'd give credit where it's due for the thing as I sure as hell coouldn't make that thing myself. And if anyone but me actually reads this thing, go and have a look as it's a good idea that should have as much support as possible.

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