Sunday, April 29, 2007

<--- That Purple Thing There

It's not the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

As an aside, I know that over time this post won't be pointing at the thing any more so above is the pic the title is pointing at. It's from NTodd's blog called, "Dohiyi Mir", from a post called, "Take The Pledge By Not Taking The Pledge. A Meta Exercise In Three Bowel Movements". It's pretty easy to see that he isn't in favor of that 'Civility Plague Pledge', crap. I'm not a big fan either and expressed suspicion as to the actual motive of the guy behind this pussy promise. I think it was at Digby's that I posted something about it but... I'm unable to remember, at the current time, if and or when I actually did or not have a conversation about this with the Presid... I've been watching too much Abu Gonzo C-Span, haven't I? Anyway...

I figured that I'd give credit where it's due for the thing as I sure as hell coouldn't make that thing myself. And if anyone but me actually reads this thing, go and have a look as it's a good idea that should have as much support as possible.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

R's No Longer, 'The Daddy Party'

I went off on a tangent while replying to a post at the Carpetbagger Report, IRT how life imitates art with the R's bitching how the Dem's are trying to fill a seat in the House left empty by the death of a Georgia Congresscritter. By... Are you ready for this? By stealing it! By running a candidate for it! Dem Bastids!!1!

(Here's my reply) :

It’s tragic what has happened to the “daddy party…”

Comment @5 by beep52 — 4/21/2007 @ 11:17 am

I don't think of them as the,'Daddy Party', any more. These days they come off as resembling the, Deus Ex Machina Party or even the Jesus Ex Machina Party.instead. They, the Yuppie/Boomer generation members at the top of the pyramid, continually repudiate their Daddys and have spent their whole lives trying to get out from under the shadow of their parents almost larger than life visage while getting their noses rubbed in shit by their parents these last 40 years with, "We won OUR war. A real war, WW2. What's your generation done, Junior? Got screwed up on the dope, lost Viet Nam and now you're up Iraq without a paddle and sending her to the poor house. You're nothing compared to us... We... The Greatest Generation." {Insert here the admonishment to,'Quake with fear you tiny ants'.}

A good example is how quickly the White House turned-down any of the suggestions from the (headed by WW2-gen Unka Jimmy3) Iraq Study Group. What Unka Jimmy should have done was hand-off the report to Meg Wurmser or Kagan to present to the Fool on the Hill and let Dumbya think (??? I know, wha ???) ... think it came from AEI or the Hudson Institute. It might have been implemented if they had. But I digress.

Suffice to say that the people in DC, currently running things and staffing the WH, are those few who couldn't get laid in college back in the 60's and didn't fight in Nam, didn't go to Woodstock but instead occupied their youth being, "Serious" and playing, "Let's Pretend"-Politics, with the Young Repiglicans. Now they tried to make their mark on the world through conquest and failed. Again. So, they've decided to make their marks with infamy instead. And they hope the fundies are right and Gawd will come and save them all because these people can't save themselves. I'm surprised none of them drowned in a rainstorm. Standing there. Looking up, incredulously. Their mouth wide open. Wondering what all the wet was.


Digby's Got Me Like Butter... I'm On A Roll... 707!!11!

Usually, I don't get moved to respond to more than one or two posts across the blogosphere in any given 24-hour cycle. I read tons but usually, my replies are of the, "You said it first before I could get to it"-type. Not today though and usually also, if I do respond to more than one post, it's spread out across some two dozen blogs. However, tonight it's been Digby all the way.

This one is from a different post than the above responses posted here. This is from :

A thread about who might replace Abu Gonzo as Attorney General. Ted Olson, he (NOT) of the 'Arkansas Project', but... OOPS! He really ,WAS in retrospect after testifying before Congress in 2001 that he WASN'T during the verbal part of his confirmation hearing to be Solicitor General, then changed his position, later in the written phase of questioning, to say that he , actually.... Whodathunkit? was member of that august body of skells. He's also 9/11 widower, the hubby of the late Barbara Olson, who's death sent not only hubby back to the private sector, but has been stated as the reason why Ann Coulter, (Isn't demographics a wonderful science? Birds of a feather, it seems, DO flock together!), is the way she is. She,(Coulter), blames Islam in general and all of it's adherants in particular, as responsible for her friend Barbara's death, in that big hijacked aircraft that made that little hole in the Pentagon.

I doubt that there's going to be any shake-up at DOJ but if there is? I could see Olson being tapped but I think there are a few others that might be a better fit with today's clique in the White House. My response to Digby, below, has a few more suggestions regarding who could replace Abu Gonzo as Top Cop.

"I'm surprised that nobody's mentioned Giuliani as the next Atty Gen. It might be a nice pay-off for, along with Saint John McNutso, being a stalking horse for the RNC and whoever the real candidate for the R's is going to be. Catching all that flak ,exploring weakness in the primary states like NH, SC and Iowa. Really lots of fun since Rudy doesn't have a real job right now but all that constant on the road is going to get tiring. After all he's not made of iron, is he? "It might be nice", Rudy must think to himself, to again get one of those Wingnut Welfare no-show gubbmint jobs, enjoying the succor of the public tit while all the time decrying Big Government, yet all the while nursing down a high six-figure-plus salary and full bennies without paying a dime into any co-pays. He's about due for another slurp at Uncle Sugar's big pink nipple.

Or maybe Harriet will be recalled to Washington to care for her little Georgie-poo in his time of need? She might even knit him a nice, new sweater while she's there in the office, taking up space, as I doubt there's gonna be a lot of lawyerin' going on at Justice until some time in late January of 2009.

No matter who or really-what-gets to be next, I don't think that an arduous confirmation in front of the Judiciary Committee will be a deterrent to the next AG-Candidate, as has been mentioned upstream, this one'll be a recess appointment, too."

What happens next remains to be seen...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Something Else I Missed Yesterday

"GIRLS RECITING remain sexually pure...until the day I give myself as a wedding gift to my husband. ..

This whole thing makes my head hurt too, Digby. But the quote above is to me one of the worst of the major selling points of the whole Anti-Woman movement. (Yet I agree, too, in and of themselves that these Purity {cough,cough} Balls stink of incest porn all the way to the rafters.)Trying to treat women as if they were property is a horrible way to raise a Daughter. It not only will change the body politic's view of Women but it might change how Women view themselves and their bodies. If, after years of propaganda that a woman is taught that she's only a commodity, with specific use and a limited shelf life to boot, there's a point where she might begin to believe what the hammers of adversity are trying to force her to become... A breeder and nothing else or more. Make sure she keeps cranking out the cannon fodder.

These modern day repiglicans aren't the, "Daddy Party". They're the, "Deus Ex Machina Party." They think with their faith, hope and chastity that the big guy in the sky will stop looking at them as the abject failures that they are and return. Return and descend to reward His tired supplicants. They deserve nothing but the noose and the lash.

Oh how I'm starting to hate this country and those Royal Fucknobs that've been ruining it, (A/K/A The Repiglicans), for the last 50 or so years.

Now where's my medicine? My headache's back...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Somewhere Beyond Words

"HERE", is the list of victims from the shooting spree at Virginia Tech.

My heart goes out to their families .

Now imagine this happening something like three times a day and you have Iraq, every fuckin day.

Could someone please explain to me what the stupid wingnuts think the US winning in Iraq would look like, much less what it would entail to achieve?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Imus See Things Differently

Not better or worse only different. I've often joked that my name is an adjective as well as a proper noun. I'm not bragging or anything but I see things, sometimes, at a parallax view to what of others see. This unique perception has nothing to do with the right or wrong of any situation, though, thankfully. I remain joyously amoral as ever.

This fracas with Don Imus is a good example. He said some things on his show the other day, (he called the Women's B-Ball team from Rutgers a, 'buncha nappy headed hos', or words to that effect), and while reviled by the punditocracy on both sides of the aisle for this comment, it's not the first time Don's been down that street and has been talking his way out of it for over twenty years now. Or (as some stories are couched in ,"Le Mort D' Arthur"), so the French book sayeth. First it was announced by the radio station Don was taking a 2-week vacation, later it was called a suspension for the same 2-weeks and then... Boom! Fired.

Other than the current inhabitants of 1600 Sesame Street and their camp followers, I don't wish on anyone the loss of their employment, as mouths are, (now it's metaphoric in Imus' case as he's fuckin' loaded), hard things to feed on Love alone. What he said was really stupid. Freshmen stupid. So, for someone as seasoned as Imus? Needless to say that my natural cynical nature started sending out warnings to my bullshit detector and then I saw a headline Friday, (???), on Yahoo! News about this, wherein the team, had forgiven Mr. Imus for his cheap, stupid, slur, ahem, err.. Faux pas? Then a little while after seeing the headline, I surfed through the posts at Digby's and as always the level of discussion there made me think more about the issue. I'm not really interested in the press-release-hand-out lives of the rich and shameless. (ETA: and all this is before the Governor almost getting killed in a MVA on his way to a sit-down about this whole ordeal. BTW, it's five in the morning on Sunday now. I'm not going to update with fresh reports about Corzine. I hope he makes a full recovery.)

This is what I posted at Digby's and I haven't gone looking for any latest updates about it but I still thins it was a scam to give him a boost over to Sirius or wherever...

I think this whole Imus non-event is nothing more than a publicity stunt. I saw a headline on Yahoo! News, earlier this evening, 'Scarlet B-Ball Team accepts Imus Apology', or something like that and the idea hit me. I really have to buck the trend and say this whole kerfuffle is all an act. Please don't think I'm making an excuse, apology or anything else. I'm not writing this as any damned apologist nor as a rationalization for what happened, I think what he said was really off-base and the only reason I can't expound further about Ol' Don is that I haven't listened to his show or tv simulcast in aeons, if ever. However... Anyone who generates the kind of enormous revenue that's been bandied about on the 'net, that Imus generates, these past few days, doesn't get, "fired", like that. He'll be on Sirius Sat/Radio or one of it's competitors, in a few weeks. Right in time for whatever ratings book decides the commercial rates for that medium.

Imus may have been around longer but he's been a second-banana to Stern for almost 20 years now but he's always made his bosses rich. Howard went Satellite, so will Imus. It's where the money is.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging

One of the things I need to do is get around to installing the new camera to the computer as the top and bottom pix are over a year old. The one in the middle was harvested from, "I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?" And as so often with me, I missed the culturally significant reference to Nintendo and my ink-blot-test-reaction was, "Aww, how cute. A textbook example of Cat-aminita Muscaria Mushroom", and only got the joke when I read the other comments under the picture. BTW... I recommend to anyone as goofy for kitties as I obviously am to have a look at the site. (Link above and I'll blogroll same soon as I'm done with this.)

Where was I? Oh yeah, the other two pictures... The top one is from about a year and a half ago of Susie, (My Mrs. for that one in a zillion who might stumble across this), with our furkid, Reinhard, a Tuxedo but with a line of black down his white belly that makes him look like he's wearing a tux but with a regular, black, neck-tie, like Uncle Reinhard did. The other shot is from last Summer and is of our other two, Punkin', (The Maine Coon Cat, left) and Boing who is only about 10 weeks old here and is now a bit over 14 pounds of beautiful greased lightning and isn't even a year old yet. He'll be one in early May.

I have a few recent-ish pix of them that are on hard-copy and I'll be scanning them into the system in a few... Somethings, I hope. Days, hopefully but y'never know with me. Some days are better than others.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Blog Against Theocracy

This weekend there's been a concerted effort to remind people what it is exactly that's the end-product of all these, 'Fundies', working in the Bush maladministration. It's called, "Theocracy", or a "X-tian Republic", by those prone to deception about their goals. They seek to either subvert or, if necessary, defenestrate the established order and laws of the United States and replace them with, their much different, (and much worse for those who don't toe the Party Line), America.

I don't see it like the ,"Birchers", did in the 50's and '60's with the commies in Jersey and Brooklyn in flames but there needs be a shoring up of the Constitutional protections afforded those of us who are not under the auspices of that Great Cross in the Sky. There's no, " In Hoc Signo Vinces", for we Asatruar but then again we aren't pacifists, either. I think this small minority has to be put in their place, (at the fringes of society), like all other splinter groups that offshoot from the mainstream and more established common avenues of the american body politic, before the very real chance of them reaching critical mass and becoming more of a threat to normal people both here and abroad than they already are. I also think it's a mistake to absolve regular, everyday, christians from blame for the excesses of their co-religionists. 'Madman In The Marketplace', over at, "Liberal Street Fighter", has some interesting points that would be redundant for me to do anything but cut and paste a sample of what he (?) wrote:

I think that religious “moderation” is basically an elaborate exercise in self-deception
- Sam Harris

A little Blogging Against Theocracy today on this day when the Xtian’s mythical Holy Sacrifice moldered in His tomb before He pushed back a rock to rise and shine. Being a good liberal, I’m supposed to be tolerant, which I try to do. Unfortunately, given the way many Americans demand that you “tolerate” them by letting them spew their nonsense in your face while you desperately hold onto a fixed smile, most of my “toleration” consists of walking away. Cowardly, yes, but giving it back to a fundie will often result in being surrounded, caught in a crossfire, as “moderate” Xtians leap to the nutjob’s defense when I can’t take his superstitious babbling anymore.

To be frank, the so-called “moderate” or “mainline” religionists drive me almost as nuts as the fundies do. They are descendents of the same “good people” who have enabled theocrats and religious bullies throughout history. They made those evils possible, more concerned with maintaining their comfortable lives, their cozy little social networks, than with real justice for ALL of their fellows.

They are apologists, protectors and shields for the intolerant people more devout than themselves, and history has shown time and again that they too feel the wrath of the extremist believers once the targeted “heathen” and “others” are dealt with. It is a pattern repeated over and over throughout history."

For me to have written something like that would not only have been repetitious but no way near as well worded. The full post is available via the link above for Liberal Street Fighter. It's long but worth a read, as is the blog, "Blog Against Theocracy".

And last but not least... Happy Ostara!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Too Wordy For A Bumpersticker but...

... I had to put this somewhere. It was a reply to a thread about those idiot FReepers brainstorming to generate some pro-war bumperstickers. They had some circumloquation about 'L.I.B.E.R.A.L.S.', but it sucked yet a poster replied with one for 'pubs. I really thought it was both clever and accurate, and posted as much. Oy! The blog is called: No More Mister Nice Blog.

Here's the post:

Into a

Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship

I posted this, below, as a response to a thread at The Carpetbagger Report.

I think the recent spate of people, inside the fishbowl, talking out to the press at how dismayed they are at how things are turning out is a little too coincidental for my tastes. I don't believe in coincidence to begin with and I know that anything said by any member, no matter how peripheral they are, of this government is lying and spinning. And is doing so not only to save their own ass but for the expressed purpose of salvaging the Repiglican party's chances of winning the 2008 race. Nothing is what it seems with this bunch.

Although on the surface it looks like all these defections out of the Bush/Cheney camp are rats leaving a sinking ship, another way of looking at it could be an attempt to rehab the RNC. If it looks like the middle level functionaries are denouncing the current regime as if to say, "Y'see... These guys aren't REAL Republicans. They aren't or weren't _______- enough", as a way of deflecting the blame of today's failures onto the Bushies and away from the RNC proper. So when the election season is in full swing, they can run a candidate that is billed as the antithesis of Bush yet not a Democrat. Then still claim to support the wingnuts and christopaths in whatever lunacy will get them to vote for the 'pubs.

Talk about being between the Devil and the deep blue sea. The two things that would actually hurt the Democratic party's chances in 2008 are the two things that would help America in the short-term, those being: Impeaching Bush and Cheney and pulling all of our troops out of Iraq, ASAP. Doing those two things would give the R's breathing room to recoup, rearm and devise a new strategy of making Bush the bad guy and rolling out a new, untainted by the double whammy of 'everything-gate', starring Karl Rove and the war, giving them a year or so to actually show how unlike Bush they are and not have to defend any of the Bush admin's plethora of inadequacies nor blunders.

I know.. It sucks either way.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Late Nite FDL: The Chocolate Jesus Manifesto

A refutation of that bully, Bill Donohue's latest public tantrum, re: a statue of Jesus, made out of chocolate. Things usually run until 03:00 Eastern, 12:00 Pacific as far as the live comments are concerned. Stop by a have a look and post if so moved.

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